Smart Bubble Tea Cooker (Multifunction Cooker)

Astonishing Growth of Meat Alternative

In daily life, meat alternative products, vegan foods gradually enter the market in the supermarket, retailer, etc,. We know it is the time when considering of being vegan or vegan business. The following reports are the prospect of meat alternative market. According to Vegan Society and Grand View Research, Inc., from 2012 to 2017, the meat-free food demand grew by 987%. Growing awareness about environmental concerns and health benefits has encouraged people to diet plant-based food products. The main vegan population is in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific.


Yung Soon Lih Is The Leader In Professional Soybean Food Machinery.

We are the provider of turnkey solutions, using expertise and skill to manufacture machine and providing customers with good solutions. In the field of manufacturing machinery, we have experience of 30 years about manufacturing and R&D teams, from planning and designing P&ID to customized machinery. Each step has the most professional team to plan for you.


30 Years of Smart Bubble Tea Cooker (Multifunction Cooker) | Food Processing Equipment and Production Line Supply | Yung Soon Lih Food Machine

Yung Soon Lih Food Machine Co., Ltd., since 1989, is a Smart Bubble Tea Cooker (Multifunction Cooker) manufacturer that is specilized in soy bean, soy milk and Tofu making sectors. Unique Design soy milk and tofu processing machinery built with ISO & CE certifications, sold in 40 countries with solid reputation.

situs resmi aoa sportsNumerous soybean machine patents obtained, YUNG SOON LIH is a food processing machine provider, their product includes Tofu making machine, soja milk maker, soy milk extracting machine, bean sprout growing machine, Alfalfa growing machine, soybean equipment and Tofu, soy milk turn-key production line and vegan meat machine.

Smart Bubble Tea Cooker (Multifunction Cooker)

Bubble Tea Cooker

Automatic Boba Cooker can be used to cook tapioca pearls and soy milk.

Automatic Boba Cooker designed for tea or restaurant stores. It can be used for cooking tapioca pearls, boba, tapioca balls. Many stores selling tapioca pearl tea have responded problems that uncooked pearl or pot bottom burnt are frequent during cooking. They have to assign a worker for stirring job during cooking, which would increase labor cost.

The functions of Smart Cooker were designed and improved according to customer requirements. Cooking tapioca in traditional way is not efficient and labor costly. The Smart Cooker is thoughtfully designed to solve primary problems of cooking tapioca pearls. Moreover, it is equipped with sensors that adjust temperature to enhance tapioca pearls’ taste during cooking.

For more information or video, please click the link: Smart Cooker Details.

Typical Product

situs resmi aoa sportsSmart Cooker is suitable for bubble tea, tapioca cake, bubble tofu pudding (Dou Hua).

Taiwan famous drink- bubble tea can be sold 100 million cups annual in Taiwan and has huge business opportunities.

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