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Astonishing Growth of Meat Alternative

In daily life, meat alternative products, vegan foods gradually enter the market in the supermarket, retailer, etc,. We know it is the time when considering of being vegan or vegan business. The following reports are the prospect of meat alternative market. According to Vegan Society and Grand View Research, Inc., from 2012 to 2017, the meat-free food demand grew by 987%. Growing awareness about environmental concerns and health benefits has encouraged people to diet plant-based food products. The main vegan population is in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific.


Yung Soon Lih Is The Leader In Professional Soybean Food Machinery.

We are the provider of turnkey solutions, using expertise and skill to manufacture machine and providing customers with good solutions. In the field of manufacturing machinery, we have experience of 30 years about manufacturing and R&D teams, from planning and designing P&ID to customized machinery. Each step has the most professional team to plan for you.


30 Years of Soybean Rice Grinding Machine | Food Processing Equipment and Production Line Supply | Yung Soon Lih Food Machine

situs resmi aoa sportsYung Soon Lih Food Machine Co., Ltd., since 1989, is a Soybean Rice Grinding Machine manufacturer that is specilized in soy bean, soy milk and Tofu making sectors. Unique Design soy milk and tofu processing machinery built with ISO & CE certifications, sold in 40 countries with solid reputation.

Numerous soybean machine patents obtained, YUNG SOON LIH is a food processing machine provider, their product includes Tofu making machine, soja milk maker, soy milk extracting machine, bean sprout growing machine, Alfalfa growing machine, soybean equipment and Tofu, soy milk turn-key production line and vegan meat machine.

Soybean Rice Grinding Machine

Commercial Wet Grinding Machine

Grinding Machine

These machines can be called Soybean Rice Grinding Machine, Commercial Wet Grinding Machine or Commercial Wet Grinder. These small grinding machines are often seen in dense population areas in Asia. They are of small sizes, occupy little space and offer capacities that satisfy neighboring customers' purchase needs, so that small grinding machines (Model No.: FE-05, FE-06) have become paraphernalia for supermarkets, shops, restaurants and market vendors.

Soybean Rice Grinding Machines are made in Taiwan and they are rigid, durable and have a long life without worrying about problems like poor grinding fineness or machinery breakdown.
Soybean Rice Grinding Machines are used for grinding rice, soy and all sorts of beans into soy milk, Rice Milk, Turnip Cake, Ban Tiao, chili Sauce, Mung Bean Smoothies (mung bean Mud), garlic paste (Garlic Mud), ginger paste (Ginger Mud) and Onion Paste (Onion Mud).

Many small stores choose the versatile machine for a priority to lower the cost.
You may turn the Soybean Rice Grinding Machines into a soy milk making machine, a Rice Milk making machine, a Turnip Cake making machine, a spice grinding machine..., and so on based on your need to produce diverse products.

Besides small stores, we also design Soybean Rice Grinding Machines of higher capacity for regional chain supermarkets and shops to help our customers to develop greater businesses, e.g., from B-to-C to B-to-B.
We have developed, great-capacity grinding machines specifically for production lines and plants of mass production for soy products like tofu and soy milk, including Types FE-14 and F-25.

YUNG SOON LIH FOOD MACHINE initiated projects of recruitment for agents and dealers. Welcome for inquiries about relevant information. If you want to know more information about FE-05, FE-06 or FE-14situs resmi aoa sports, please feel free to contact us.

Typical Product

situs resmi aoa sportsSoybeans grinder is suitable for soy milk, milk, rice milk, turnip cake, Ban Tiao, chili sauce, mung bean Smoothies (mung bean Mud), garlic paste (garlic mud), ginger paste (ginger mud), onion paste (onion mud), and Idli Dosa.

FE05 can uesd to grind soybeans, rice, mung beans...etc.

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