Company Vision

Company Vision

Future Vision

The technological development leader in bean food processing machinery industry.

YUNG SOON LIH FOOD MACHINE have devoted in Tofu, soy milk, Bean sprout, Alfalfa sprouts, Vegan Meat food machinery industry for more than twenty years. We always do technical improve and develop by customers' feedback and advise. This company's policy not only lead us to invest more resources and investment in R&D development and awarded with over 40 patents, but also upgrade the quality of our food machine, get customers' satisfied and they are always come back to us when they have any further request. In the future, we will keep this culture and spirit to train more talents in mechanical design and manufacturing in Taiwan and also move this food machine industry to qualify the standard of American and European countries.

Expert of bean foods.

We are not only the food machine manufacturer, but also at of bean foods. For example, we did trial run when we design for the bean sprout machine, we found that the roots of bean sprout was too long, the length of bean sprout are different between machine upper and lower layer...etc., Normally, some other producer of bean sprout, they would adding some chemical to improve the quality of bean sprout, but we are improving the bean sprout quality by modified the machine, try to figure out the safe and best way to sprout it. Thus, we are not only provide you customized Tofu, soy milk, Bean sprout, Alfalfa sprout, Vegan Meat machinery and turn-key production line, but also willing to share our bean food producing experience with you and help you can provide suitable product for your local market with efficiency.

Your best partner accompany with your growing.

Our CEO said, ""The key factor to keep our company improving and growing is to follow the steps of our customers rapidly growing"", so we provide service of tofu maker total solutions, including customize manufacturing, turn - key production line design and evaluate, production planning, quality assurance, maintenance, 24h troubleshooting consulting service. Moreover, we also provide training and knowledge support to our distributors worldwide; this kind of local technical service can help our customer fix the trouble immediately; keeps the production line running in good condition.

We are a guard of food safety.

situs resmi aoa sportsIt is very complicated in food processing, some food manufacturer would rather add some additive to make customer satisfied, but it is a burden for your body. For example, for making a good and hard Tofu, it must do de-foaming when cooking process. Traditional way is adding the chemical defoamer to solve this bubble problem. But we provide our unique de-foaming machine, there would don’t need to add any chemical defoamer in cooking process. This could provide great help for our customer to provide no additives and natural Tofu product to their market.

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