Company Profile

Company Profile

Yung Soon Lih is the leader in professional soybean food machinery.

Brian Cheng, CEO of Yung Soon Lih.

We are the provider of turnkey solutions, using expertise and skill to manufacture machine and providing customers with good solutions. In the field of manufacturing machinery, we have experience of 30 years about manufacturing and R&D teams, from planning and designing P&ID to customized machinery. Each step has the most professional team to plan for you.
We must make sure that every parts of machine are correct. Being a complete machine services provider means having the experience and the technology to produce cost-saving and innovative manufacture solutions to meet customers’ needs.

YSL has experience of 30 years about manufacturing and R&D teams

 YSL have a strong team.

Food Industry Research & Development Institute and Design Solution Team 

situs resmi aoa sportsYSL has committed in food processing industry about 30 years and provided a variety of solutions to customers. We visit your locations, learn your industry, and understand your goals, challenges, needs, limitations and requirements. We work hand in hand with you and understand what is necessary for you. In addition, we have experts who have researched in food manufacture industries for a long time.

YSL team provides service of customized machine.

situs resmi aoa sports We inspect and confirm all details of machine manufacturing process.

Yung Soon Lih to Maximize Effectiveness

The goal of YUNG SOON LIH FOOD MACHINE is not only in developing and designing the food machine, but also focused on the research of production procedure of tofu, soy milk to find the balance between productive efficiency and food relish, especially in tofu, soy milk production field. We are confident to say YUNG SOON LIH FOOD MACHINE is the soybeans food Gastrosoph! YUNG SOON LIH FOOD MACHINE will be your unique partner accompanying with your growing when you are planning to enlarge your turnkey production line.

We not only develop manufacturing machinery, but also have a team to collect market information, analyze product prices, calculate mechanical costs, output through data, and help customers save costs and losses. Yung Soon Lih can improve the protein extraction rate of soybean processing machinery and maximize the efficiency of the production process. This spirit makes us stand out from the competition. This is what our experienced team offers to every customer with whom we work. This expertise is what sets us apart from the competition.

YSL team will calculate mechanical costs, output through data, and help customers save costs and losses.

situs resmi aoa sports Our team calculates mechanical costs, output through data.

YSL acquired the most of soybean machine patents in Taiwan.

situs resmi aoa sportsWe have been not only deeply involved in soybean processing technical development positively but also led the computer control and monitoring system into our equipment. We develop and design the tofu, soy milk, bean sprout, alfalfa turnkey production line and help you achieve your goals of automation management by supplying high quality and efficient solution. In addition, YSL have a R&D team which can provide customized machine and a good solution for customers. Meanwhile, we positively applicate international certifications and patents. We confidently become the leader of soybeans food machine manufacturer.

YSL CE certificationYSL patent

 We have CE certifications, UL certifications, patents...etc.

Supply service to achieve market demand will help us find the Blue Ocean market.

The population of vegetarian are growing continuously because of the importance and advantages of vegetable protein had been proved by medical circles, so the demand quantity of tofu, soy milk, bean sprout, alfalfa machine from European and American countries are getting more and more. The increasing demand of market impelled us to customize the turnkey production line and machines to help customer to produce soybean food to abut the consumer's demand. Our tofu and soy milk equipment & production line were well and widely adopted by American and European customers.

Our pride is that we had served and designed turnkey production lines for food and beverage manufactures whom are located in Europe, Asia, America, Oceania...and more than 30 countries' customers since 2010. Especially from some specific food manufactures they don't have Tofu, soy milk production experience, they not only entrusted YUNG SOON LIH FOOD MACHINE to design their turnkey production line but also hope us to supply them the core technical in soybean processing, know-how and teach them how to make the soybean products. Moreover, we are specific to the local flavor and taste to adjust the machine's parameters, to make sure the taste of tofu, soy milk are matching their local taste and access to market rapidly.

YSL team service customers in the world.

 YSL had served and designed turnkey production lines for food and beverage manufactures in the world.

We provide 24h after-serve.

Yung Soon Lih provides 24-hour online consultation, cooperates with engineers to solve customers’ problems by the remote operation, saves people's round-trip time and labor cost, and solves customer problems in a timely and rapid manner.

situs resmi aoa sportsIn addition, food manufacturers who just started their business or expanded their factories, our senior engineers will go to the company site to survey and help you to planning the layout. In the past 30 years, Yung Soon Lih had built up a good partnership with our global customers like Czech Republic, Poland, Canada and also transfer the technical know-how of produced soy milk and tofu to our customers. We were committed to becoming turnkey solution provider.

YSL provide the service of 24-hour_after-sales

situs resmi aoa sports Yung Soon Lih provides 24-hour after-sales.

For more information, please feel free to contact us.



situs resmi aoa sportsYSL PRODUCTION LINE

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