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Understanding Dialysis

Understanding Dialysis: Essential Treatment for Kidney Failure

What is Dialysis? Dialysis is a life-sustaining treatment used when the kidneys, which are vital for filtering and removing waste from the blood, fail to function properly. This mechanical method helps perform the crucial functions of the kidneys by clearing toxins from the blood, managing fluid levels, and maintaining the balance of essential minerals. At Bergen Vascular Institute, we provide expert vascular care to prepare patients for dialysis, ensuring the highest standards of treatment with our skilled team in Bergen County.

Types of Dialysis:

  1. Peritoneal Dialysis:
    • In peritoneal dialysis, a special cleaning solution is introduced into the abdomen through a catheter placed near the belly button. This solution attracts waste and excess fluids from the blood, which are then drained out of the body along with the used solution. The process typically takes between four and six hours and can be performed at home by the patient after proper training.
  2. Hemodialysis:
    • Before starting hemodialysis, a vascular specialist creates an arteriovenous (AV) fistula, surgically connecting an artery to a vein to ensure robust blood flow for the dialysis sessions. The AV fistula is preferred for its durability and lower risk of complications compared to other methods. During hemodialysis, blood is slowly circulated through a machine that filters out waste and excess fluid while retaining necessary minerals, and then the clean blood is returned to the body.

Preparing for Dialysis: It is crucial to consult with a vascular surgeon well in advance of your first dialysis session to allow sufficient time for the surgical access to heal. Creating an effective dialysis access is a critical step in ensuring successful treatment.

Contact Bergen Vascular Institute: For those anticipating dialysis, early intervention by a skilled vascular surgeon is key to a smooth transition to dialysis therapy. Contact Bergen Vascular Institute today to discuss your needs and how our top-tier vascular care can support your journey to better health.